"The System That Delivers Increased Profitability"

You can save a lot of costly steps with an Alpha System. The amount of time and floorspace you cover to move information and materials can add up to lost profit. Alpha cuts down time and distance with the most reliable point-to-point system you’ll find anywhere. Plus, Alpha eliminates the risk of hand carrying valuable items in non-secured areas. Jobs that would take a few minutes can be handled in a matter of seconds with the speedy efficiency of an Alpha System.(248) 478-8150

Introduce Yourself to ALPHA! Because Time Is Money!

Alpha Offers A Variety

Alphie (good)

Sliding Sleeve Solid State Digital Timer (On each one)

Beta (better)

Solid State Digital Timer See-through door

Alpha (best)

In use door lock In use L.E.D Larger.see-through.Lexan.door Pilot Light Cam Action Door Handle Solid State Digital Timer

The Most Efficient & Economical Method of "moving things" Within:

23071 Halsted Road

Farmington Hills, MI 48024